Redline Mechanical can carry out your servicing needs throughout Perth & the Pilbara.
We conduct the following services
On-site & field service to assist with minimal down time and transport costs.


  • Regular Servicing: 250hr , 500, 750,           1000 & 2000hr.
  • Crane Safe Repairs.
  • Off and On Hire Inspections.
  • Centre Pivot Rebuilds.
  • Boom Rebuilds.
  • General Repairs & Electrical
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Hydraulic faults & repair
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Redline Mechanical Line Boring Services
Are your Machines Old and Worn?
We conduct the following services
Our mobile line boring service provides; 
  • On-site repair of worn or over-sized bores including internal diameter on all types of equipment.
This portable service eliminates
  •  transport /demob costs
The result is less downtime Less work & 
MOST importantly, Minimizes lost revenue to you!
Cost effective repairs with excellent results.